Weight Loss for Life

Weight Loss for Life is truly attainable through food, lot's of food...

Start losing weight for life without ever having to give up eating delicious foods...no more starving...

Love Life through weight loss as you learn here, all the nutritional benefits of unlimited delicious food and watch pounds melt away to your desired weight.

Your new knowledge and understanding of the benefits of delicious nutritional foods will allow you to maintain that beautiful figure you're looking for and desired weight while you  look and feel vibrant. In no time at all you will have the urge to begin shopping for a newer smaller size wardrobe. People will soon notice the new you.

Weight loss is achieved through food.

80% of your overall weight and health depends on the food you eat. Everything you need to know is found here and throughout the following pages. Simply click on any link to learn more on that particular topic.

This site is loaded with tips and knowledge to start melting away unwanted excess weight immediately. You will start noticing results within days and feel better about yourself as your body transformation springs into action. It's time to rev up that metabolism and "enjoy life through weight loss".

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Weight Loss Through Exercise

Exercise makes up only 20% of the requirements to achieve a healthy weight. Even though it's vitally important to exercise for your cardiovascular health, exercise without the proper foods is not enough.

For instance,so many people exercise and grab a high sugar cereal bar or protein bar. It's also important to consume the right fats that can actually help with increasing the metabolism.

 80% of your weight depends on the food you eat. So people's food choices will reflect  their overall weight and the goal they have set for that nice figure..

So start enjoying life and kick start your metabolism  by eating lots of delicious foods, and enjoy that nice slim body that will be soon looking back you in the mirror.

Being mindful of the food you eat don't have to be boring. There's so many delicious foods that you will look forward to eating every day without feeling deprived.

You will even be able to have delicious deserts guilt free just by using the proper ingredients. You will be making mouth watering meals that will melt pounds.

Here at my-weightloss.com  you will learn what to eat and what not to eat. 

Here's a list of foods that are good for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight as well as for preventing diseases....

coconut oil

avocado oil