Teff Flour for Weight Loss

Teff flour is great for people suffering from celiac disease. This gluten free flour is loaded in nutrients and also helps with weight loss.

The ancient grain is very high in fiber which is why it encourages weight loss.It is also a soluble fiber. Soluble fiber has the tendency to form into a sort of gel in the gut which  slows down sugar absorption into the bloodstream making it a good food choice for diabetics!

Other Health Benefits of Teff Flour

This healthy ancient grain which is native to Ethiopia is very dense in nutrients. Not only is the high fiber content in the flour great for keeping the digestive system healthy by flushing toxins out of the body, but the flour also contains calcium, amino acids, protein, manganese and iron!

With so many people lacking in vitamins and minerals these days as a result of the lack of vitamins and minerals in the food, by adding teff flour to the diet is a great way to up the intake of some very important nutrients in the diet.

 Teff Flour vs. Regular Wheat Flour

Regular or commercial wheat flour is bad news for your figure and your health. It is also extremely difficult for the body to break down.

Modern wheat (dwarf wheat), which was developed in the 1960's is low in important nutrients. It also contains higher levels of gluten which is the reason the body has a much more difficult time trying to break it down. The wheat is also genetically modified. 

Gluten in normal amounts is not a problem, unless of course you have celiac disease. People have been consuming gluten in grains for thousands of years. The problem is the modern (genetically modified) wheat that has abnormally high amounts of gluten in them in which the body has a very difficult time processing! There are some types of flours that do contain gluten in normal amounts, are not genetically modified and are very healthy, (e.g. speltsorghumkamut, buckwheat and quinoa). For more on these, click on the links.

Teff flour is organic and in it's original form. In other words it has not been genetically modified! In addition to it being a gluten free flour, It also contains vitamin C which is great for your immune system.

The fact that the flour is extremely high in iron makes it great for circulation. The grain is also high in copper which is known to cure arthritis as well as being good for the brain, bones and skin health.

Different Uses for Teff Flour

This healthy flour is great tasting and can be substituted for wheat flour in your baking. You can also use it has a thickener for gravy.

Bottom Line

Teff flour is a very healthy gluten free flour which is great for helping with weight loss. Because this healthy nutrient dense grain doesn't cause blood sugar spikes it also makes it a  great food choice for diabetics!